Photo of the first cohort of iCons I students working on case studies.

Who are iCons Students?

iCons students comes from almost 45 different majors in the College of Natural Sciences, College of Engineering,  School of Public Health and Health Sciences, Manning College of Information and Computer Science, Isenberg School of Management, and BDIC, but they have many things in common: They are highly-motivated, excited by research, and want to help solve big societal problems. If you are interested in joining the next cohort of iCons scholars, look for the application online at the beginning of the fall semester. For questions or more information, please contact us.

Meet Our Cohorts

Photo of students in the fifth element - class of 2018

Oceans 13 - Class of 2026 and 2025

Carbon 12 - Class of 2025 and 2024

Apollo 11 - Class of 2024 and 2023

Planet X - Class of 2023 and 2022

The Ninth Bit - Class of 2022 and 2021

The Eighth Color - Class of 2021

The Seventh Kingdom - Class of 2020

The Sixth Sense - Class of 2019

The Fifth Element - Class of 2018

The Fourth Dimension - Class of 2017

The Third Axis - Class of 2016

The Second Wave - Class of 2015

The First Class - Class of 2014