The Fifth Element!

iCons Class of 2018 - Fifth Element
iCons Class of 2018 - T-Shirt

During the Fifth Element "inception" program in December 2014, the students of the iCons class of 2018 committed to the following values:

We the members of the iCons Fifth Element pledge to uphold the values of Trust, Skepticism, Curiosity, Humility, Respect, Open-mindedness, Passion, Rigor, Creativity, Perspective, and Hard Work so that we may learn how to solve the inherently multi-faceted problems facing the world.

The students of the iCons Fifth Element:

Alexa Andrzejewski - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Risa Baba - Food Science
Nicholas Barrett-Miller - Environmental Science
Jessica Belliveau - Engineering
Emily Bisnoff - Undeclared
Derek Bossi - Environmental Science
Isabella Bushko - Microbiology
Ian Carrick - Biology
Cherie Chan - Engineering
Emily Chandran - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Olivia Comeau - Physics
Ryan Cox - Physics
Olivia Czubarow - Engineering
Luke Fateiger - Computer Science
Walter Fernandez-Pereira - Environmental Science
Jacqueline Ferri - Biology
Nicole Foley - Undeclared
Elliot Gott - Engineering
Victoria Guarino - Biology
Mohamed Halabi - Biology
Leigh Hamlet - Environmental Science
Phoebe Hannon - Biology
Roger He - Engineering
Steven Ho - Chemistry
Paris Jamiel - Environmental Science
Merveille Kazimoto - Undeclared
Andrew Keezer - Pre-Medical Studies
Jeremy Kelleher - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Daniyar Kim - Chemistry
Cara Kodjovi - Chemistry
Cameron Lane - Physics
Julia Lenef - Chemistry
Elizabeth Levson - Biology
Agustin Loureiro - Physics
Gregory McGrath - Engineering
Sarah Mitchell - Microbiology
Amy Morin - Engineering
Kai Nakamura - Mathematics
Caroline O'Rourke - Environmental Science
Samantha Pitti - Environmental Science
Alexander Proulx - Environmental Science
Donnie Rollings - Chemistry
Nathan Rose - Engineering
Nicholas Russo - Physics
Reno Sarge - Engineering
Christina Seymour - Environmental Science
Michael Shliselberg - Engineering
Jennifer Slade - Engineering
Cameron Smith-Freedman - Pre-Medical Studies
Tyler Thomas - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Corinna Torabi - Engineering
Tyler Trant - Engineering
Janet Wangoe - Biology
Joshua Weinstein - Microbiology
Peter Whelan - Engineering
Hannah Wisniewski - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Vineet Yagnik - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Matthew Yee - Chemistry