The Eighth Color!

8th color
8th color

The Eighth Color (8th iCons Cohort) brings together sixty students from 18 different majors within four UMass Amherst Colleges: the College of Information & Computer Science, Public Health, CNS, and Engineering. These iCons scholars will face their first case study together in January, each armed with content knowledge they are developing in their major. They are asked to bring their experience (they come from 10 different states within 3 countries) and an open-mind, as well as their committment to the full-value contract they developed at orientation:

We, the members of the iCons 8th Color, pledge to uphold the values of: Trust in self, Trust in teammates, Cooperation, Empathy, Open mindedness, Improvisation, Perseverance, Willingness to fail/take risks, Respect, Confidence, Humility, Creativity, Willingness to be vulnerable, Optimism, Communication, Diligence, Being receptive, Willingness to ask for help, Good team player, Reliability, Showing up prepared, Contributing, Selflessness, Passion, Initiative, Rigor, Cultural perspective, and Being constructive, so that we may learn how to solve the inherently multi-faceted problems facing the world.

The iCons class of 2021 is...

Abigail J Moller - Public Health
Adriana E Farias -Psychology
Aliya Yu - Chemical Engineering
Andrew Guthrie - Biology
Anshul Bhargava - Physics, Mathematics & Statistics
Asia J Jimenez - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Public Health
Aurelia R Reynolds - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Austen Adler Berry - Microbiology
Benjamin M Gryski - Environmental Science
Brigid F Driscoll - Mechanical Engineering
Brooke Ackerman - Biology
Cameron J. Bonnell - Environmental Science
Courtney S. Bly - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Public Health
David A Cellucci - Chemistry
Devon F. Lukas - Astronomy
Eliza J Fitzgerald - Geology
Emily L Freda - Environmental Science
Emma D O'Donnell - Biology
Grace W Cox - Chemistry
Gwen E Moriarty - Environmental Science
Hansen Tjo - Chemical Engineering
Helen K Orton - Microbiology
Isabel A Aluia - Neuroscience and Behavior
Jack D Moody- Physics
Jessica Daum - Pre-med
Jillian L Davis - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Joshua E McGee - Chemical Engineering
Josiane E Rosario - Environmental Science
Judy Le Luu - Biology
Kelly E Fischer - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Kenneth J Eva - Physics, Mathematics & Statistics
Laura Townsend - Mechanical Engineering
Lauren M Carey - Chemical Engineering
Leah C Wallner - Environmental Science
Liam Sheedy - Biology
Louisa C Bachman - Food Science
Lucas Ghilardi - Chemistry
Maia F Sprouse - Chemistry
Margaret M Davis - Biology
Margaux G Welsh - Environmental Science
Matias Vega - Undeclared
Matthew D Larosee -Environmental Science
Maya L Dennis - Undeclared
Melina Cetrangolo - Science (Interdepartmental)
Menna Y Teffera - Public Health
Michael N Ariskin - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Miranda R Boudreau - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Nathaniel L Boyce - Undeclared
Nicolas E Gnaman - Biology
Olivia F Carneiro - Biology
Rachel S Poskanzer - Microbiology
Radha A. Dave - Undeclared
Samantha L Liu - Biology
Shawn M Small - Biology, Psychology
Simon T Mekonen - Computer Systems Engineering
Tiernan J Kennedy - Chemistry
Tristan R Heck - Chemistry
Vicente F Gris Yanine - Microbiology
Vish Kaul - Environmental Science