The UMass Amherst iCons program prepares our best undergraduates to be problem solvers, leaders and innovators in science, technology, and business. iCons recruits quality students across a diverse range of science, engineering, and business disciplines to identify global problems and find cutting edge solutions. The iCons program positions students for high achievement in graduate school and in their careers

News Highlights

iCons Students Partner with the Museum of Science, Boston, to Tackle Climate Justice

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Excerpt from UMass News story: Students at the University of Massachusetts Amherst recently released the results of their semester-long projects, conducted in partnership with the Museum of Science (MOS), Boston, which looked at how to decrease Boston’s carbon footprint.

A Passion for Learning and for Community Building

Picture of Ravid Inbar

Like many iCons students, Ravid Inbar ’23 spent his summer gaining valuable experience by participating in a research internship, but unlike most, he had the unique opportunity to conduct his research in Israel.

Passion and Persistence

Picture of Aurelia Reynolds

Families don’t always get the chance to give back to the hospital staff and researchers that save their loved ones’ lives. But Aurelia Reynolds '21 got just this chance when she was offered a research position at the world-famous Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and she’s grateful for it every day.

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