iCons 3 is a student-driven, team-oriented laboratory discovery course in either iCons theme of Renewable Energy or Biomedicine.

iCons 3: Renewable Energy (ICONS 389H) involves student-driven, team-oriented laboratory projects focused on the interrelated principles of energy generation, conversion, storage and consumption, particularly emphasizing the science underlying renewable energy systems. Projects incorporate experimental techniques from the chemical, physical, mathematical, and life sciences. The intent of this course is to examine cross-disciplinary methods to address real world energy-related issues. Students will be expected to understand paths to energy solutions that cross many disciplines, and how an interdisciplinary approach may be used to solve energy problems faced by society.

iCons 3: Biomedicine is more commonly known as Bio 383H - Gene & Genome Analysis. This course, developed by Dr. Elsbeth Walker of the UMass Biology department, was chosen by iCons faculty to fulfill iCons 3: biomedicine because the pedagogy Dr. Walker developed served as an inspiration and model for the iCons program. The video below provides an excellent description of this course.