For students, teachers, and partners alike, iCons offers advantages that transcend classroom walls.

iCons Students

iCons students in lab Students in the iCons program receive invaluable training.

  • Problem-solving through science, engineering, and business
  • Multidisciplinary teamwork
  • Student-driven learning based on interests
  • Peer and near-peer mentoring

iCons Faculty

iCons faculty in classroom Faculty who teach for the iCons program bring education to a new level.

  • Addressing the role of science in solving global problems
  • Emphasizing practical applications for scientific concepts 
  • Empowering student inquiry and research interests
  • Promoting accountability in science through sound methodology

iCons Graduates

iCons graduates Graduates from the iCons program have a head start.

  • Superior communication, leadership, and teamwork skills
  • Focused knowledge of real-world problems
  • Interdisciplinary research skills
  • Networking for careers and graduate school

iCons Partners

iCons partners Organizations, corporations, and institutions that support iCons are both benefactors and beneficiaries.

  • Engagement with dedicated students and faculty
  • Access to research and training
  • Role in advancing STEM education 
  • Involvement in developing sector-relevant case studies