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French Professor and Researcher Visits with Sustainability Programs, Including iCons

Picture of Cécile Renouard

Story from UMass News: The UMass Amherst Energy Transition Institute (ETI) recently hosted professor and researcher Cécile Renouard, president and co-founder of the new Campus of the Transition in France, while she was on a limited tour of U.S. college campuses to build collaborations and investigate innovative ways to incorporate equity and other social issues into sustainability education and in living labs.

What's In a Name?

Image of Messier 14. Courtesy of NASA.

UMass iCons is an academic program deeply entrenched in the ethos of exploration and innovation. Therefore it should not be surprising that the inspiration for the 14th cohort's name originates from the final frontier of exploration: space.

UMass iCons Program Launches 14th Cohort with Focus on Urban Climate Change

Picture of students brainstorming real-world problems to solve

The 14th cohort of the UMass iCons Program, 72 diverse students spanning 29 majors across seven colleges, was launched on Saturday, December 2, 2023.

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Why We Teach iCons

UMass iCons in session

This editorial by H. Holden Thorp captures why.  

Science Magazine article, "Drop the Chalk"

Decoupage and Pizza: What a combo!

iCons does Decoupage

Tuesday 3/21, iCons students proved there is no craft they can't tackle.  Check Decoupage off the list.  Students and faculty (Ally Hunter) gathered in ISB 145 armed with nothing more than scissors, craft paper, e6000 apoxy, mod podge, and some creativity.  Some beautiful work was created and some fun had.  At the end of the time, the pizza box was empty and many were peeling the glue off of their fingers with a look of accomplishment on their faces.  A small break from the stresses of academic life.  

Come join us next time if you can make it :)

Beyond the Classroom—iCons Fall Integrative Experiences

Ceramics Coffee Hour

The iCons Community joins together for many events outside the classroom.  Here are a few from last semester!