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iCons' Dave and Davis Contribute to Greening of UMass Campus

Passive Intervention poster used in research

Meg Davis and Radha Dave have successfully taken an idea, seeded in their freshman iCons 1 class, "Global Challenges, Scientific Solutions", to fruition; The prototypes developed from this idea, after hours of researching, collecting, and compiling data, are being installed in showers two years later.  Their goal:  to reduce water usage in UMass dorms. 

iCons Alum, Eres, Published in Nature for Work Designing Synthetic Proteins

Marco Eres

"Researchers, led by UC Berkeley engineers, have created a synthetic material that is as effective as naturally occurring proteins in transporting molecules through membranes, a major milestone that could transform such fields as medicine, life sciences, alternative energy and environmental science."  Read more 



Auerbach and Team Discover Tricyclic Bridges

Auerbach and team published in JACS

In an article featured on the Dec 26, 2019 journal cover of the Journal of the American Chemical Society, UMass iCons Executive Director Scott Auerbach and collaborators in the Chemical Engineering departments at UMass and WPI have discovered new building blocks that they call "tricyclic bridges," which help to explain the structures and vibrations of zeolites. 

Using Computer Science to solve Cancer

Dr. Woody Sherman, CSO, Silicon Therapeutics

Integrated Concentration in Science (iCons) students don’t shy away from big problems.  They use the strength of the team and the broad range of skill sets across disciplines to take risks and think boldly.   


So, it is fitting that a like-minded, world-famous expert in computational drug design, Dr. Woody Sherman, was the guest-speaker facilitating the program’s Fall 2019 Integrative Science Workshop.  Dr. Sherman’s company, Silicon Therapeutics, does cancer research using an integrative approach combining physics, chemistry, biochemistry, and biology -- all starting with high-performance computing of protein-drug interactions to design more effective drugs. 

Passing of the torch to Executive Director Auerbach at annual Fall Workshop

Dr. Justin Fermann, previous iCons Director, passed a symbolic (blow)torch to Executive Director Auerbach to use to light a glas

Eager UMass iCons Program applicants, proud current and past students, and grateful faculty gathered in the Integrative Sciences Building on Wednesday, November 6th as a group with a common purpose:  to make change.  The annual UMass iCons Integrative Science Fall Workshop centers on a grand problem of our time and brings in an expert problem solver in this area to facilitate a workshop in the ‘iCons way’ --- using an integrated scientific approach.   


What most at this event didn’t know was they were about to witness another iCons tradition in the making. 

iCons Program Manager position is now open for applications

Thank you for helping to build the future of the UMass iCons Program. #UMassiCons #spreadtheword

Job Posting

Dr. Woody Sherman, Silicon Therapeutics to lead Fall 2019 iCons Workshop

Dr. Woody Sherman

UMass iCons is pleased to host Dr. Woody Sherman, Chief Science Officer for Silicon Therapeutics, to run the Fall 2019 Integrative Science Workshop entitled, "Mission Impossible: Designing Drugs for Challenging Targets".  Silicon Therapeutics, an innovative company in this space, is headquartered in both Boston, MA and Suzhou, China.

Greco video abstract honored at MIT International Conference of Applied Energy

K Greco wins award for best video abstract at MIT Energy Conference

The iCons 3rd Axis alum Katharine Greco, is pursuing her PhD in chemical engineering at MIT.  She recently won the award for best video abstract at the MIT International Conference of Applied Energy in May 2019.

Katharine gave a talk at the conference on her research regarding next-gen energy storage materials, and produced an award-winning video abstract using all her iCons training in scientific communication. 

Moving on Up: iCons Graduates 6th Cohort

UMass iCons 2019 Graduating Class

The UMass Amherst iCons Program hosted a successful Senior Research Exposition for the 6th graduating cohort on May 2, 2019 in the Integrated Sciences Building. After posters, talks, and a cohort graduation ceremony, a select group attended the award ceremony in the Old Chapel. It was here that the UMass iCons Program announced the recipients of the annual Crowley-Nowick Award for iCons Student Leadership & Philanthropy and the Mahoney Alumni Award.

iCons Leaders Reflect on Crowley-Nowick Award

iCons Crowley-Nowick Award Winners and Director Fermann

For Crowley-Nowick Leadership award recipients Eric Wuesthoff and Dominique Carey, the UMass iCons program goes beyond academics: it is a tight knit community beyond the UMass Amherst campus.

This particular award, given annually, focuses on students that embody the iCons mission. Specifically, open-minded students with strong leadership and teamwork skills are recognized. And these students are not selected by professors: instead, students nominate fellow peers they believe would be a good fit for the award. The people nominated the most make it to the second round, where peers select students they think deserve the award off the list.