What's In a Name?

Image of Messier 14. Courtesy of NASA.

UMass iCons is an academic program deeply entrenched in the ethos of exploration and innovation. Therefore it should not be surprising that the inspiration for the 14th cohort's name originates from the final frontier of exploration: space.

Similar to the way stars brighten the night sky, our cohort's diverse skills, knowledge, and backgrounds serve as illuminating forces that help us perceive problems and, in turn, devise effective solutions. The cohort derives its name, Messier 14, from a celestial discovery made over two centuries ago — a star cluster situated 29,000 light years away. This cluster, comprised of over a hundred thousand stars, occupies a point on the right arm of the constellation ‘Ophiuchus,’ known as the serpent-bearer.

By choosing the name Messier 14, we aim to symbolize our dedication to contributing to something greater than ourselves. The name signifies our commitment to exploring interdisciplinary solutions, urging us to look beyond surface appearances and delve into the depths of knowledge required to address the complexities of today's challenges.

~ Written by the 14th Cohort Branding Committee

Image of Messier 14 is courtesy of NASA.