Spotlight on iCons Alumna, Angela Essa '17

UMass iCons | Angela Essa

UMass iCons alumna, Angela Essa '17, was recently featured in UMass Medical School's Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Student Spotlight series for her work studying diet and hypertension in pregnant women.

Excerpt from story:

Understanding, treating and preventing disease has interested Angela Essa, SOM ’23, for years. She was intrigued by human anatomy and physiology classes from high school through her undergraduate years at UMass Amherst. She got involved in laboratory research early on, participating in honors-level programs that placed her in engaging, hands-on projects.

“I’ve always been really curious about medicine and the biology of disease and how we treat it,” said Essa. “That was something I tried to explore as much as possible. I really enjoy thinking about ways to solve different global programs from an interdisciplinary standpoint.”

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