The iCons culture is centered around collaboration.

A wide range of partnerships bolster our interdisciplinary approach to education. Our partnerships - including with the iCons Industry Consortium and the iCons Advisory Board - ensure that iCons students benefit from an industry-responsive curriculum and extraordinary opportunities for professional development, while our partners benefit from the leadership and skills of iCons students.

Contact Us

To discuss your company's or organization's interests and needs, please contact Scott Auerbach, Mahoney Family Sponsored Executive Director of iCons, at 413-545-3674 or

Industry Partners

Image of lab workerMembers of the iCons Industry Consortium:

  • Access a talented pool of students and graduates for internships and hires.
  • Investigate problems facing your organization with the help of iCons faculty and students.
  • Shape education in science and technology to ensure the best training for future employees.

Current Industry Consortium members:

This community of industry leaders shares our vision of creating a better world starting with rethinking how higher education works. Thanks to their support, we are making an impact on the world every day.

Previous Industry Consortium members:

  • Anika Therapeutics
  • Boston-Power, Inc.
  • Microtest Laboratories

Non-profit Partners

Museum of Science BostonOur collaborations with non-profit partners provide a rich source of important real-world problems for iCons students to tackle as part of their higher education.

Meet our non-profit partners, past and present:

Academic Partners

The mission of iCons is nothing short of changing the culture of higher education for the better, not only across the UMass Amherst campus, but across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the nation. We accomplish this mission one department at a time, one campus at a time by working with academic partners to incorporate iCons teaching methods into their programs.

Meet our academic partners:

Meet our UMass Amherst partners: