Keeping it real: Help students learn about the world around them and themselves

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Thu, Mar 23, 2023 - 10:00am

UMass: Campus Center, Room 904-08


Dr. Scott Auerbach


iCons and Chemistry

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Scott AuerbachHow do we train our students to tackle the difficult challenges facing our society today? The faculty in the iCons Program have been exploring this question for over 10 years. In this interactive session, Scott Auerbach, Executive Director of the iCons Program, will offer an overview of the iCons Innovation Cycle and lead faculty in applying this framework to design case studies that connect real-world problems to their disciplinary course content. Participants are encouraged to bring a sample of a real-world problem (perhaps in the form of a magazine or newspaper article with a “who-what-where-when-why") as a springboard for designing a new problem-based module. During the session Prof. Auerbach will support participants in building out the case studies, creating the assignments and assessments and determining frames for student support.