Broad Audience Title

WhitMORE: Modelling Options to Reduce Energy Usage

Scientific Title

Modeling the Whitmore Administration Building to Determine the Most Effective Retrofitting Solutions

By Joshua Lauterbach, Marley Anne Norton, and Kevin Yuanhao Zheng
Renewable Energy
iCons Year 3
WhitMORE: Modelling Options to Reduce Energy Usage
Executive Summary 

The Carbon Mitigation Task Force recommended a 20% overall reduction in building energy use in its goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2030. Our team hypothesizes that Whitmore’s energy usage can be reduced by at least 20% with multiple renovation strategies. Using building modeling software, our team simulated interventions that had energy use reductions ranging from 3% to 72% based on our baseline model. Our team recommends installing radiant floor heating for a 41% reduction in energy savings based on cost, efficiency, and invasiveness, surpassing the Task Force’s goal reduction.

Problem Keywords 
radiant floor
Scientific Keywords 
energy reduction

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