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Robert Murray | iCons

Robert Murray, 2024




Plymouth, MA

iCons provides the opportunity to take that next step forward in balancing a degree in business and STEM.

Most iCons students are STEM majors, but sophomore Robert "Bobby" Murray (Biomedicine/Biosystems track), from Plymouth MA, stands out from the crowd as a marketing major.

Ever since high school, Murray hoped to eventually balance a degree in business and a concentration in science. While he didn’t expect to find this balance in college, the iCons program stood out to him as a way to combine business and science, as well as gain a sense of independence in his academic career. He describes iCons as the “perfect opportunity to take that next step forward,” and decided to apply.

So far, Murray is enjoying working and collaborating with such a diverse group of students. He’s also enjoying learning about complex scientific and social issues, and how to be a member of a team that is pushing forward towards the common goal of making a difference.

He also says that his knowledge of marketing puts a unique spin on the scientific projects he has tackled so far. In regards to his search for independence: “This program truly understands how to make something with structure feel completely independent,” Murray says.

Aside from academic accomplishments and ambitions, Murray is a dog lover, and has a black lab named Kaylee back home!

After he graduates, Murray hopes to use his experience as a marketing major and as an iCons member to move into pharmaceutical sales.

This career goal of his is very personally driven. “Being a Type 1 diabetic for 16 years,” Murray says, “I hope to move into the field to have an opportunity to lower the price of insulin to the general market.”

Murray’s favorite part of his UMass experience thus far has been having the freedom to pursue unique opportunities. There’s no doubt that joining iCons was one of them—and in the future, his background in business and science will provide opportunities to improve the pharmaceutical industry.

Profile posted in 2022.