Student Profile

Madison Perry | iCons

Madison Perry, 2024


Industrial Engineering


North Easton, MA

I want to use engineering to ensure that medical practices and procedures are efficient and accessible.

Attending college during a global pandemic has many challenges, but sophomore industrial engineering major Madison Perry (Biomedicine/biosystems track) has made the most of it.

Perry was drawn to the iCons program for a couple of reasons. In addition to being able to work with people of diverse backgrounds and majors, she wanted to apply what she learns in school to real-world problems. So far, her talents in problem-solving have been a huge asset to her projects in iCons. “I can notice small, particular details and visualize solutions to complex tangible problems. I have always had an ability to quickly solve puzzles, and that has manifested into my ability to conceptualize and implement end-to-end processes,” Perry said.

After UMass, she wants to work in the intersection of engineering and medicine. She is specifically interested in medical research and human factors, which investigates how to reduce human error in the design of processes and systems.

“I hope to work for a medical company or in any area of the medical field, using my engineering knowledge to ensure that the medical health practices and procedures are carried out efficiently and allow for better access to medical care,” Perry said.

With a dedication to such an interdisciplinary field, we can’t wait to see what else Perry achieves.

Profile posted in 2022.