Marsh the Tides

By Waverly Lau
iCons Year 4
Executive Summary 

Tidal marshes are natural environments that provide valuable ecosystem services such as coastal protection and habitats for wildlife. However, they face threats to their survival because of sea level rise and human made development. Tidal marshes are in places we wouldn’t even think of such as Boston, New York City, and other major cities along the coast. With almost 40% of people in the U.S. living along the coastline, these landscapes are closer to home than we believe and yet most of us know nothing of them. This film bridges this gap of knowledge and advocates for the protection of tidal marshes, highlighting the research conducted in the Sedimentology and Coastal Processes Research Group at UMass Amherst. Film is a medium that is meant to connect with us and transport us. This makes it an effective tool for scientific communication. Through this film, I bring awareness to tidal marshes and attempt to get audiences thinking about the landscapes around them. Tidal marshes aren’t just wildlife habitats or green areas by the coast. They are our protectors from the harsh seas and in this film we explore how we must protect them back

Problem Keywords 
tidal marsh

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