The UMass Amherst iCons program prepares our best undergraduates to be problem solvers, leaders and innovators in science and technology. iCons faculty recruit top tier students across a diverse range of science and engineering disciplines to identify global problems and find cutting edge solutions. The iCons program positions students for high achievement in graduate school and in their careers.

News Highlights

Professor Daniel Nocera, Harvard to facilitate iCons Fall Workshop

On Tuesday, November 8th, the iCons (Integrative Concentration in Science) Program will welcome professor Dan Nocera, a leading energy scientist from Harvard University, who will lead an interactive workshop in the format of an iCons case study on energy capture and storage.

iCons Goes High School

iCons 2016 Educational Innovation Interns

For two and half months this summer, the iCons summer interns diligently toiled to produce the first set of iCons Case Study materials for use in the high school science classroom. Interns Dominique Kiki Carey, Rebecca Howard, and Corrine Losch (all iCons class of 2019) joined iCons alumna, Erica Light (Class of 2016) to form a team charged with the mission of creating and executing high school curriculum that prepares students to be leaders in solving the world’s challenges through problem solving and critical thinking.

Welcome Dr. Justin Fermann, the new iCons Program Director

Dr. Justin Fermann

Please welcome Dr. Justin Fermann as the new Director of the iCons Program at UMass Amherst. Dr. Fermann is a Senior Lecturer in the UMass Amherst Chemistry Department, a position he has held since 2000. Dr. Fermann was involved in the initial design and development of the iCons Program in 2009-2010, and has been teaching in the iCons 1 “Global Challenges, Scientific Solutions” course since its inception in Spring 2011. Dr. Justin Fermann has been appointed by CNS Dean Steve Goodwin as the new director of iCons.

Upcoming Events

Thu, Oct 27 - 6:30pm

Integrated Sciences Building, Rm 145

Tue, Nov 8 - 6:00pm

Integrative Learning Center, Auditorium N-151

Dr. Daniel G. Nocera

Harvard University


Refreshments served at 6 pm.  Program begins at 6:30 pm sharp.

PDF icon Fall Integrative Workshop Flyer -- Prof Dan Nocera
Tue, Nov 29 - 5:30pm

Integrated Science Building, Rm 135

Justin Fermann

iCons Director