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iCons instructors guide iCons students through the learning experience, and empower them to succeed, both as individuals and teams. This section provides an outlet for sharing resources and best practices in order to ensure continuity across the program.

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Administrative Resources

Sample Syllabus

Case Study Outline

iCons Teamwork Survey (full version)

Assessment Rubric for Applied Science Projects

iCons 1 Resources

Bad Proposals

iCons 2 Resources

Examples of Good/Bad Graphics (iCons 2 B)

Abstract Assignment Rubric (iCons 2 RE)

Debate Rubric (iCons 2 RE)

Proposal Assignment Rubric (iCons 2 RE)

Research Report Assignment Rubric (iCons 2 RE)

Slide Speech Assignment Rubric (iCons 2 RE)

iCons 3 Resources


iCons 4 Resources

The UMass Digital Media Lab