Easy Synthesis of Mesoporous Zeolite

Problem Title

Easy Synthesis of Mesoporous Zeolite

Scientific Title

Improving performance and stability of catalysts in many industrial processes

Dimitri Livitz
Chemical Engineering
iCons Concentration: 
Renewable Energy
iCons Class Year: 
Class of 2015
Executive Summary 

Reliance of fossil fuels needs to be reduced, and one way to do this is through utilization of zeolites for biodiesel production and energy storage. One way to improve the performance of zeolites is to introduce mesoporosity, which improves the stability of the zeolite and reduces the required catalyst loading. I expect to provide some insight into the scaleup of this process. This new knowledge could allow for large scale production of mesoporous zeolite.

Problem Keywords: 
fossil fuel
Scientific Keywords: 
catalyst loading