Bringing it Home: iCons Finales

iCons presentors

Every year the iCons students publically share their work in three events at the semester's end:

On May 5, iCons 1 students tried their hand at presenting (for some) their first poster.  Their final team project was to create their own case study on a societal problem of their choice.  The iCons 2 Biomedicine students also shared posters -- answering questions such as:  Which type of genetically engineered microorganism is the most cost-effective and efficient source of biofuel?

iCons 2 Renewable Energy students had their Annual Energy Debate on the question:  Which proposal will feasibly create a quantifiably and quantitatively positive impact on campus sustainability that starts within the next 5 years and continues thereafter?

---Low-Flow Showers

---Eco Doors

---Alternative Lawns

Low-Flow Showers took home first place! (per the audience vote)

On May 10, the iCons 3 students had a joint research presentation where they gave 10 minute talks on their independently designed and executed experiments on Gene and Genome Analysis and Renewable Energy.  

Annual Energy Debatei3e team presents findingsiCons students are proud to contribute to the UMass community and to society at large, as they chip away at vast problems as resilient undergraduate researchers!