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iCons Alum Profile: Nicole Foxworth

iCons Alum Nicole Foxworth

Wondering how the iCons Program will help YOU succeed in the professional world? See what alum Nicole Foxworth has to say about how iCons helped jumpstart her career: Nicole Foxworth is a graduate of UMass Amherst’s Class of 2013 and one of four graduates of the first ever iCons class. She pursued the biomedicine track and is now employed at the Jackson Lab in Bar Harbor, Maine.

iCons Student Round Up: November 19, 2014

iCons 4 students Sandra McEnroe, Cody Burke, Dmitri Livitz, and Ela Correa

What does it take to get into a research lab? That was the topic of the November iCons Coffee Hour, where iCons 4 students took a step back from the research projects they are undertaking in UMass faculty laboratories to reflect on how they got there.

iCons Student Round Up: November 7, 2014

Photo of Jared Detwiler and Dylan Masi

The students in the iCons Fourth Dimension cohort are glad to be back on campus for their sophomore year. I caught up with two scholars after the iCons Fall Workshop to find out what they are up to.

iCons Student Round Up: October 20th, 2014

The Second Wave iCons students currently in iCons 4 are hard at work on video abstracts, in which they explain the context and goals of their research. For a sneak preview, I spoke with Second Wave student Anthony Damiano. Anthony is an Environmental Science student on the iCons Renewable Energy Track.

iCons Student Round Up: October 3rd, 2014