iCons Student Round Up: October 3rd, 2014

iCons on the Spot

Photo of Olivia LiName: Olivia Li
Year: Sophomore
(iCons 2 - the Fourth Dimension Cohort)
Major: Double major in Psychology
(on the neuroscience track) and Theater
Favorite class this semester: Abnormal Psychology

Favorite part about iCons 1: What Olivia enjoyed most about iCons 1 was having the ability to design and run her own experiment with her team. She really appreciated the access that iCons students had to the laboratories and resources in the Integrated Sciences Building. She cannot wait for iCons 2 this year.

Renewable Energy or Biomedicine? Olivia plans to continue with her iCons studies on the Renewable Energy track.

Favorite dining commons: Worcester

What did Olivia do over the summer? Olivia lives on beautiful Cape Cod, where she volunteers at her local library and at a local marina. Go Olivia!

News and Events of Note

The CNS Cookout: Food, fun, and saving the planet

By Tim Shea

On Friday, September 26th, students and faculty in the College of Natural Sciences got to enjoy a cookout on the lawn behind the Integrated Sciences Building. The event was filled with plenty of food, music and composting!

Photo of CNS cookoutWhat made the event extra-special was the fact that all of the waste created was compostable. That means all of the food, plates, napkins, and yes, even the cups, were spared from a landfill.

Compostable cups? That’s right! These eco-friendly cups were made of a polymer made from corn, which will break down over time.

At the end of the event, all of the compost bags were gathered and stacked up in a glorious heap. There was very little non-recyclable waste produced, and all of the compost will go back into the Earth!

Next time you see a compost bin around campus, take advantage of it, and help UMass become as sustainable as possible.